Rendez-vous Bundesplatz Bern 2014 - Starlight Events GmbH
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Rendez-vous Bundesplatz Bern 2014

FOCS (Fontaine Continue Suisse) measures the “time of our time” which seems to accelerate continuously with an accuracy level of one second of deviation every 30 million years. The world time of our cities can all of a sudden get mixed up, partly run backwards, get blocked, change the hours as if they were seconds… The time on the planet gets completely out of sync, goes “crazy”… Thanks to the skillful interplay of music of various styles, and monumental images, which are meticulously matched to the building, an astounding sensory experience has been created. All that has every year since 2011 made “Rendez-vous Bundesplatz” a source of unique cultural enjoyment for the young and old has now been able to dazzle another audience of 620’000 spectators over the course of 6 weeks in 2014.