Rendez-vous Bundesplatz Bern 2015 - Starlight Events GmbH
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Rendez-vous Bundesplatz Bern 2015: «The Jewel of the Alps»

The story begins at the very beginning of Time, when the earth is still a glowing fireball. The planet is slowly forged and transformed by the shattering impact of comets, flash ice ages and tectonic shifts.

The Alps emerge from the depths of the still young planet, and with them the Matterhorn. In all its majesty and vitality the Jewel of the Alps gazes, filled with wonder, at the nature and animals. It is a part of them yet thrones high above them in all its magnificence and unique splendour. For a while, it is peaceful as flora and fauna develop in harmony with the massive mountain.

Then the first curious humans appear on the scene. With great energy, they begin to build and shape the nature around them. Progress begins – until things start to slip out of control.

Will humans realise what is truly important before it is too late, will they find a way to coexist with nature into the future?

«The Jewel of the Alps» is a story full of poetry. It shows the Matterhorn as it has probably never been seen before. Sounds, music, light and images have been skilfully interwoven to create a very special and unique experience. The spectacular sound and light show at the Bundeshaus invites you to pause, forget everything else around you and immerse yourself into the experience for half an hour.

This is the fifth sound and light show by Starlight Events and the first entirely Swiss production: we present the unique show at the Bundeshaus in collaboration with the Zurich-based artists’ collective «Projektil» and our technology partner «Auviso» from Kriens. Swiss precision and a story full of emotions merge to create a rich sensual experience. The Bundeshaus becomes the Matterhorn, in a fusion of two iconic, history-charged Swiss monuments.

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