Rendezvous at the Summit of the Pilatus - Starlight Events GmbH
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Rendezvous at the Summit of the Pilatus

The Pilatus-Kulm hotel celebrated 125 years of existence in September 2015: the hotel on top of Lucerne’s very own mountain opened just a few months after completion of the cog railway with the steepest gradient in the world.

Pilatus-Bahnen, which operates the railway, wished for a special world of light for the anniversary: a ten-minute light show accompanied by music. For a week, the show transformed the Eselwand into a gigantic screen. “You will have never seen the Pilatus like this”, gushed an enthusiastic Tele 1 reporter, “a mythical mountain, mythically presented”. Eleven motifs created by Viennese artist Teresa Mar presented the rock face at Pilatus-Kulm in a new light. They showed the mountain and its railway, the hotel, the nature and not least, the mythical dragon of the Pilatus.