Sunburn on the bastion of Geneva 2014 - Starlight Events GmbH
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Sunburn on the bastion of Geneva 2014

As part of a scientific colloquium focusing on the sun brought to you by the H. Dudley Wright Foundation, in cooperation with the University of Geneva, a sound & light show in mapping techniques was organized and displayed on the front side of the “UniBastion” facing the park. In a poetic manner and with a touch of humour, the sun was set in the context of the role that it plays in the timing and history of our planet, and the many other aspects of our daily live which it affects. Every night, from November 6th to 23rd 2014, the audience was able to experience the oldest building of the University of Geneva wrapped in light and sound – as an ode to That which has set the rhythm of our days since the beginning of time.